Reconnaissance Training Workshop

        EERI conducts Reconnaissance Data Collection workshops that provide strategies and approaches for consistent, high quality earthquake data collection.  Workshops also includes discipline-specific methods for evaluating the safety and utility of buildings and critical infrastructure following a damaging event.

       Contact Beki McElvain at with questions or if you are interested in hosting a workshop. For examples of previous events click here

LFE Travel Study Program

         The LFE Travel Study Program is an initiative of EERI to conduct field study trips to earthquake affected regions around the world. The program provides opportunities for EERI members to engage in learning from earthquakes activities as an alternative to participation in the limited post-reconnaissance opportunities. Field study trips help participants understand the role and importance of EERI reconnaissance activities and provide hands-on experience with EERI tools. Moreover, the program aims to inspire participants to become future leaders in the field of earthquake engineering and earthquake risk reduction. While any EERI member may participate, the program is targeted at early career researchers or early career practicing engineers and graduate students. Read more ...


EQ Data Collection Workshops

        Earthquake Data collection is typically conducted by EERI members after earthquakes as a part of our LFE reconnaissance efforts.  A summary of past efforts is at the LFE Archive Page.  For large events, data collection is also supported by an EERI virtual clearinghouse website which provides tools for members to assist with data collection and archival.

         Several past events, described below, have also been conducted by EERI to consider strategies and approaches for consistent, high quality earthquake data collection. 

Resilience Observatory

        The Resilience Observatory project builds on the acclaimed multi-decade and multi-disciplinary EERI Learning From Earthquakes (LFE) program but it expands the work of EERI as a reconnaissance leader to include a new vision and strategy for exploring and measuring resilience of communities after damaging earthquakes. 

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