Through its Learning from Earthquakes (LFE) program, EERI sends out multidisciplinary teams of researchers (e.g., earth scientists, engineers, social scientists) after earthquake events to investigate and learn from the damaging effects observed in the field. These reconnaissance teams return with a wealth of knowledge that is documented in the LFE Reconnaissance Archive.

       The map view provides a global visual perspective, and an interactive experience of LFE Reconnaissance Archive. The number on the green labels is representative of the number of clearing houses in the region; clicking on the green label, allows you zoom into the region. You can zoom in and out of the map by using the “+” and “-“ buttons located at the top left corner of the map, or move you mouse cursor to the location you are interested in and double clicking. You can scroll through the map by holding the left mouse button, and moving your mouse.

      If you would like to view archive by the most up-to-date, and by a photo display of the earthquake’s impact on the region, go to Tile View. If you want an archive searchable/sortable by event date, magnitude, and etc., go to the Table View.

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